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Buccal Tube Headway

  • High Quality Orthodontic Buccal Tubes with CE FDA ISO
  • HEADWAY Buccal tube is manufactured using MIM technology, It's large funneled entrance, side grip areas, and color-coding help simplify treatment by allowing for easier indentification, placement, positioning ,and wire insetion. Smooth Rounded surfaces ensured patient more comfort.
  • 1. Manufactured from high quality 17-4 stainless steel
  • 2. Large funneled entrance for easy wire insertion, simplifying arch wire adjustments and saving valuable chair time
  • 3. Defined buccal indent for accurate stability and placement.
  • 4. Non-slip side grip areas for tweezers to hold and position
  • 5.Smooth rounded surfaces to ensure patient comfort
  • 6. Color-coded ID mark for easy identification
  • 7.80 gauge mesh bonding base. Ensure maximum bond strength
  • 8. Non-Convertible and Convertible

Headway Metal Brackets Bondable Mini or Standard Roth 0.018 | 0.022

  • 1. Manufactured from high quality 17-4 stainless steel, Unsurpassed bracket body strength.
  • 2.Permanent ID for easy bracket indentification
  • 3.integral ball hooks for maximum strength
  • 4.New slot design lower frication patient more comfortable
  • 5.Smooth rounded surfaces to ensure patient comfort
  • 6.80-gauge mesh base for maximum adhesion
  • 7.Vertical scribe line ensures accurate long-axis tooth placement
  • Bondable mini roth bracket

Niti closed spring

• Delivers consistent force to maintain or close spaces between teeth. • The key end eyelet is made of stainless steels to allow easy attachment

Power Chain

• Latex-Free elastomeric chain. • Excellent memory and durability characteristics. •Stain resistant. •Medical grade polyurethane. • 15’ (4.5m) spool.

Stainlesss Steel Archwire

• Offers high tensile strength. • Polished surface for improved sliding mechanics. • Consistent performance.
Archform Upper, Lower
Size .012, .014, .016, .018, .020, .016 x .016, .016 x .022, .017 x .025, .018 x .025, .019 x .025, .021 x .025

Super Elastic Nickel Titanium Arch wires

• Super elastic NiTi allows high level of deflection. • Excellent rebound and memory characters. • Smooth finish for optimal sliding mechanics. • Delivers light consistent force over a long period of time.