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Coltene Gutta Percha Point 4%

Guttapercha points are ideal for lateral, vertical and thermal condensation, for perfect three-dimensional obturation. The latex-free, fully automatically produced and laser-measured guttapercha points are manufactured at the COLTENE facility in Germany. Utilizes suitable materials to provide the required characteristics. The guttapercha points are available with different sizes and tapers.
  • Latex-free
  • Precise fit for corresponding file sizes
  • Produced fully automatically
  • Precisely produced by machine rolling for a uniform taper

Coltene Paper Point 4%

Paper Points are used to dry the root canal after preparation and irrigation. Paper Points are sterile, highly absorbent and do not contain any adhesives. They are available in different ISO sizes and with different tapers. Further, with a top color coding, full color coding or complete in white. Also conventional sizes are available to offer the dentist a wide range of paper points sizes.