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Ardent Ex-Bond 5ml

  • One component – ​​one application.
  • High bond strength to enamel and dentin for clinical success.
  • Formation of a uniform layer to improve adhesion to tooth tissues.
  • Application on wet, dry and even dehydrated dentin.
  • Good visualization on the surface of enamel and dentin. Acetone-free chemistry - alcohol base allows for simple one-layer application.
  • Can be used with all light-curing composites and compomers for dental restoration.
  • Reduced post-operative sensitivity due to effective dentin sealing.
  • Precise fit of indirect restorations thanks to low film thickness.
  • Release of fluoride.

BC Plus Bond 5ml Vericom

  • BC-Plus is the 5th generation single component bonding agent designed to bond all classes of direct composite restorations to dentin, enamel, as well as procedures involving cast metals, composite, treated porcelain and set amalgam.
  • BC-Plus is a light-activated adhesive resin base on an ethanol formulation.
  • BC-Plus allows for indirect restoration procedures, due to its minimal and uniform film thickness.
  • Bonding to composite and set amalgam
  • Bonding of indirect restorations-Porcelain
  • Composite(Inlays, Onlays, Veneers, Crowns)
  • Sealing hypersensitivity areas of teet
  • Microleakage

Xs-Bond 5ml

  1. 5th generation bond, light-cured, single-bottle application bonding system
  2. High strength-bonding compatible with all classes of direct composite
  3. Reduce the pulp irritation, biocompatibility
  4. no sensitivity causes
  5. Used with cement in indirect restoration Inlay-Onlay
  6. Available in 5ml