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MARATHON 35K RPM Handpiece SDE-M33Es

Feature: Portable Design Installed special ball bearings for super high speed (Do not need add oil) E-Type Motor Connection to your straight & Contra Angle Handpiece Great things come in small packages. Equipped with a high torque brush motor with speeds up to 35,000 rpm.   Specifications: 1. Speed: 35,000 RPM Max. 2. Standard E-Type Connection 3. Strong Power and Durable. 4. Lowest Noise and Vibration Design 5. Suit for Most brand low speed contra angle and straight handpiece and Marathon.

Marathon 45K RPM Micromotor Handpiece SDE-H37LN

Features 1. Very High-powered and quality 0-45,000rpm Made in Korea by SEAYANG 2. Tool exchange method using cam (twist the handle counter-clock wise to change the bur and can be easily restored back to the original position) 3. Non stage speed system (it's well designed to output from zero to 45,000rpm by using non stage speed system) Specifications Brand New MARATHON Handpiece Made in Korea by SAEYANG CE Certification Type: SDE-SH37LN Max: 45,000rpm Tips size :2.35mm Input voltage:0-30V Content: 1 x 45,000rpm Marathon Handpiece SH37LN


The Marathon N2 wheel is very stylish and easy to carry. It is ideal for beginners as well as professionals. Characteristics:
  • 40,000 revolutions per minute
  • 50 watts
  • Torque: 330 gf/cm
  • Thermal overload
  • Maximum power and effect
  • Durable handle
  • Possibility of rotation both right and left
  • Compact to avoid vibrations during work
  • Controlled speed
  • Stand for the pen
  • Quiet and vibration free
  • Controlled use with foot pedal
  • Unit weight without pen 1.2 kg
  • Pen weight 220 gm
  • Unit dimensions 115 X 147 X 96 mm.
  • Manufactured by Saeyang Microtech
  • Made in Korea
  • Certificate of authenticity

STRONG 204 35K RPM Handpiece KOREA

  • 35000 RPM use for both pedicure and manicure.
  • Quiet and smooth.Very low vibration design for comfort.
  • The performance is stable, the quality is reliable, and the working environment is adaptable.
  • Suitable for 90/204/210 strong model.
  • The handpiece is made of ventilation structure, and it will be used for a long time.
  • Suitable for professional salon, spas, or family use,such as filing, shaping, buffing, manicuring, pedicuring, removing calluses and dead skin.
  • Concentric of 0.02:guarantees smooth output of the front axle of the handle Unscrew the tail cap and loosen the screw with a suitable screwdriver to replace the carbon brush.

STRONG Micromotor 204

  • FDA, CE certificated Micro motor, SAESHIN Dental Lab Carving Strong 204 Micro Motor 102L Polishing Handpiece 220V
  • As the basic model among the STRONG series, heat and vibration is minimized even for a long-time use thanks to the stable circuit layout
  • One High Speed HandPiece 1 Foot Pedal Switch 1 Control Box Main machine 100v/240v 2 Carbon Brush 1 Wrench 1 Operation Manual in English 1 Plug Adapter If necessary
  • Widely used of dental lab polished, jade carving, Nail Care, student experiments, electronic assembly manufacturers